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What is Paw Chain?

The story behind how our company was founded.

The Growth of PAW Chain

At PAW Chain, our story began on 16th January 2023 and has since been written by a dedicated ensemble of 5 core brand developers, accompanied by multiple specialized development teams. Proudly reaching an all-time high with a market cap of ~$100m, our $PAW token now finds its place in numerous exchanges.

We celebrate the trust of over 10,000 token holders and cherish our vibrant community that has become the heartbeat of our brand. With valued partners, affiliates, and the invaluable guidance of our genesis team aiding our developers, we stand firm as a tech development brand, deeply rooted in the ideals of decentralized finance and fostering widespread adoption.

Our Vision and Drive

At the heart of PAW Chain is a profound commitment to revolutionizing the decentralized world. While some of our cutting-edge utilities like PAW Aggregator, PAW DAO, PAW Scanner, and PAW Merchant are already transforming the DeFi landscape, our overarching vision goes beyond just these tools.

We're driven by the ethos of building scalable, secure, and user-centric solutions, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and adoption.

Trusted Foundation & Growing Community

Securing a reputable standing with our Certik audit reflects our dedication to transparency and reliability. But our strength lies not just in our technology but in our thriving community.

As we work towards more innovations, like the eventual release of the PAW Chain blockchain utility, the integration of multisignature wallets, and our desire to function as a self-sufficient decentralized project, our community's trust and participation are what inspire us to push boundaries.

PAW Chain is advancing the future of DeFi with integrity and innovation

Blockchain Velocity

Our multi-chain blockchain, PAWChain, isn’t just a solution; it’s a revolution in speed. Navigating various networks feels fluid, fast, and fuss-free.

Bridging Currencies

No more complications when transitioning between fiat and crypto. We're making the bridge so smooth, you'll forget there was ever a divide.

Redefining Retail

Retail is changing, and we're at the forefront. From turbocharged point of sales systems to sleek payment cards, commerce now has a new rhythm.

Secure, Expansive Trading

Beyond just a vault, our hardware wallets will be gateways to assurance. Pair that with a DEX enriched by a vast number of liquidity sources, and you have the PAW Chain promise.

Meet our Brand Development Team

Creating a brand that resonates with every decentralized dreamer.


Meet our Tech Development Team

Harnessing the power of blockchain for Paw Chain, engineering next-generation DeFi solutions.

Tech Lead Dev
Blockchain Lead Dev
Back-end Lead Dev

Featured On

Certik-Endorsed: Security at its Best

Diving deep, CertiK audited our entire ecosystem. We're committed to ensuring safety, clarity, and the best standards for our ever-growing PAW community.

As of October 27th, 2023, PAW's Certik score stands at an impressive 92.49, securing our position at rank #20 on their platform.

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Beginning of our decentralized journey: introducing PAW Chain and the vibrant $PAW token ecosystem.


Alpha Releases

Initial rollout of visionary utilities, set for evolution and refinement towards decentralized perfection.


PAW Club Initiation

A convergence of the metaverse, an academy, social media realms, and a flourishing NFT marketplace platform.


Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

PAW Chain's transition to community-led autonomy, showcasing decentralized power at its peak.