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$PAW Contract Address:  0xc11158c5dA9db1D553ED28f0C2BA1CbEDD42CFcb

Connect Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and more.

Seamless Integration with Leading Blockchains

Your assets. All in one place.

PAW Layer 3 enhances asset management through integrated transaction handling and streamlined application use. This layer provides centralized access to your assets and efficient management tools, simplifying personal and financial productivity.

PAW Pools

Our liquidity pools are accessible from every connected chain, providing seamless market share access across multiple blockchains. In Phase 2, we'll introduce customizable fees at the bridge level, enhancing multichain liquidity management.

Seamless Compatibility

PAW's Layer 3 technology
seamlessly connects with
leading blockchains, ensuring
uninterrupted trading and
maximizing cross-chain

PAW Wallet V1 Beta Now Launched!

Experience streamlined asset management with PAW Wallet V1 Beta, featuring enhanced security, user-friendly .paw usernames, and full compatibility with PAW Chain's diverse services.

What makes our Blockchain unique?


Infinite scalability with our architecture that expands block size as on-chain users grow and validator nodes increase.


Triple your security with our 3-step redundant failure prevention system at the core of our blockchain.


Achieve seamless asset management with real-time blockchain integration.


Total $PAW Trading Volume


$PAW Token Holders


Layer 3 Features

Supporting Leading Networks

PAW Wallet connects you seamlessly to major blockchains for optimal transaction efficiency."

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Swap Between Chains

PAW Swap enhances your trading capabilities with seamless cross-chain exchanges for diversified portfolio management.

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Import & Track Your Assets

Track and manage your digital assets across multiple chains with PAW Wallet's integrated tools.

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Creating Your PAW Chain Wallet

Watch our step-by-step video to easily set up your PAW Chain Wallet and start managing your digital assets securely.

Migrating Your wPAW to $PAW

Watch our step-by-step video to simply migrate your current ERC-20 wPAW tokens to PAW Coin on PAW Chain.

What is included in Devdocs X

Devdocs X Webflow Template includes over 23 pages in total, with more than 22 sections and 3 different Docs, Support & Changelog pages.

Devdocs X - 16+ Pages - Home Page - Technical Documentation Webflow Template

23+ Pages

Devdocs X - 22+ Sections - Home Page - Technical Documentation Webflow Template

22+ Sections

Devdocs X - 25+ Styles And Symbols - Home Page - Technical Documentation Webflow Template

25+ Styles & Symbols

Figma file included

Send us an email to with your purchase receipt, and we will send you the editable Figma file for the Devdocs X template.

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Devdocs X - Figma File - Home Page - Technical Documentation Webflow Template
LAYER 3 Support

Frequently asked questions

Updated July 2024

Is it safe to unstake if I am using a Ledger? What is the process?
Yes un-stake the same way you staked, in reverse you will receive pawswap tokens back in your wallet.
Why choose ETH/BNB?
BNB/ETH are EVM chains that Ledger currently supports. Providing the ability to receive on those chains gives Ledger support, and MM/TW and other wallet support to PAW holders.
What if I want my coins sent to my Coinbase/MM wallet and not PAW Wallet?
Same as above.
I still have PAW staked, what should I do?
Same as above.
How much PAW can I swap out for the coin at a time?
Your entire wallet balance.
How long until I receive my PAW Coin?
Claims are paid at 6-hour checkpoint intervals in batches.
Why are we sending to the treasury?
PAW is sent to the treasury, allowing us to account for every token sent and replace them with wPAW.
Where will my rewards show up? In my PAW Wallet or in my Ledger or MM?
Rewards can be claimed directly on the L3 wallet when you use the claims portal, different from the migrations portal.
There is a warning sign on my MetaMask when I try to claim. What does that mean?
MM has safety warnings for every transaction now. You should always make sure you trust the transactions you are doing.
I can’t afford ETH right now. How long do I have to claim my coins?
There is no time limit to claim. Although in the distant future, the DAO could theoretically vote to close it when control of the project is handed to the DAO.
How would I send my claimed PAW Coin out to my Ledger/MM/Coinbase wallet?
You can use the bridge on PAW Wallet and pick a chain.
Is it safe to leave all my coins in my PAW Wallet or should I move them back to my Ledger?
It is safe to keep your coins on PAW Wallet as long as you follow security practices everyone should be following: write down your seed, never share it, and keep your computer clean from suspicious links/viruses.
Does Ledger support the new PAW Coin?
Ledger currently doesn’t support PAW Chain. As PAW Chain is a new type of custom blockchain technology, they will need to have their developers build integration.

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Certik-Endorsed: Security at its Best

Diving deep, CertiK audited our entire ecosystem. We're committed to ensuring safety, clarity, and the best standards for our ever-growing PAW community.

As of June 28th, 2024, PAW's CertiK score stands at an impressive 93.10, securing our position at global rank #18 on their platform.



Embarking on a decentralized journey with comprehensive V1 Layer 3 Beta testing across PAW Chain (L1, L2, L3), PAW Wallet, PAW Scanner, and PAW Bridge to establish a robust foundation.


Feature Expansion

Rolling out advanced features including Price & Chart APIs, Multichain PAW Swap for liquidity pooling across networks, and enhanced user interfaces with custom PAW Wallet usernames and browser add-ons.


UX Optimization

Launching PAW Wallet and PAW Point of Sales mobile apps alongside PAW Pay for streamlined crypto transactions, further expanding our ecosystem’s utility and accessibility.



Introducing PAW Trade and PAW Club platforms, integrating a virtual hangout and marketplace into PAW Academy’s expanded educational offerings, leading us towards a self-sustaining Layer 3 community ecosystem.