Alpha Launch of PAW Chain: A New Era of Decentralization

Aug 3 2023
2 min read

At PAW Chain, we’re on a mission to take blockchain technology to new heights. Our focus is not just on creating another cryptocurrency network, but on crafting a comprehensive, interconnected ecosystem that opens the door to decentralization for everyone. The alpha launch of PAW Chain marks an important milestone on this journey, revealing key features that set the stage for a new era in the blockchain world.

At the heart of PAW Chain are two significant features: PAW Scan and PAW Faucet. These utilities are just the beginning, forming the technological foundation upon which the rest of PAW Chain’s ecosystem will be built.

PAW Scan comes in two distinct forms, each with its unique function. Firstly, there’s, our real-time block scanner. Built with Blockscout technology, it allows users to track the $PAW token and the entire PAW Chain blockchain with ease and precision. It’s a powerful tool that provides a stable environment for tracking blockchain activities while we continue to develop our custom scanner.

In parallel, we’re working on, our custom block scanner. Though its capabilities are limited at the moment, the alpha version showcases the possibilities. Once fully developed, will offer more comprehensive features than its counterpart, including customizable options and automatic tax reports.

Alongside PAW Scan, we introduce PAW Faucet. Located at, it is a feature that allows our community members to obtain test tokens for using within the PAW Chain network. To maintain a focused testing environment, we’ve decided to send these tokens manually for now. This ensures they get into the hands of community members who are genuinely interested in helping us test and improve our network.

These utilities are integral parts of the bigger PAW Chain picture, each playing a role in creating a user-friendly, efficient and transparent platform. However, they’re just the beginning. As PAW Chain develops, these elements will connect with other utilities in our ecosystem, creating a holistic, seamless blockchain experience.

For more information about PAW Chain and our vision, visit our website at, check us out on X at, or explore our linktree page at

This is a community-driven effort, and we’re excited to have you be a part of it. With these foundational elements in place, PAW Chain is well on its way to revolutionizing the blockchain space and achieving our goal of widespread adoption of decentralized technologies. Let’s build this future together. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and shape the world of PAW Chain.