PAW Chain Layer 3 Main Net BETA Now Live

20 Jun 2024
3 min read

Announcing the Launch of PAW Chain Main-Net

We're excited to announce the launch of PAW Chain's main-net, marking a significant advance in blockchain technology. As the first Layer 3 centric blockchain, PAW Chain is set to reshape the crypto landscape with superior scalability, security, and interoperability, seamlessly linking blockchains and communities.

Introducing Layer 3

PAW Chain introduces a pioneering Layer 3 architecture, enhancing blockchain performance by addressing key challenges such as scalability, security, and interoperability. Our tri-layer approach efficiently manages high-frequency transactions, allowing the network to support increasing transaction volumes without degrading performance. This scalable framework is built to adapt to expanding user demands and a dynamically evolving market.

Multichain Capability

PAW Chain introduces a groundbreaking multichain capability, addressing the complexities and costs associated with operating across multiple blockchain environments. By leveraging a unified liquidity pool, PAW Chain reduces operational costs and simplifies cross-chain interactions. This feature promotes enhanced interoperability, facilitating smoother transitions and interactions across diverse blockchain ecosystems, thereby increasing efficiency and opening new avenues for decentralized applications.

Privacy Focused

Commitment to privacy is at the core of PAW Chain’s design. Our platform integrates top-tier cryptographic solutions to ensure transaction confidentiality and robust security. PAW Chain's advanced privacy features prevent front-running and other security threats, maintaining high performance and scalability while ensuring user transactions remain private and protected.

Migration Process

As we move forward, here are the next steps in the migration process:

  • The migration portal is now live at
  • We will begin adding liquidity pools (LPs) one at a time on each chain, 1-2 hours apart.
  • The claims portal will be activated for stake rewards in the next update.
  • All claims will be automatically batch processed every 6 hours.
  • If you have staked, it is now safe to unstake and migrate.

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