PAW Swap's Strategic Growth: Launch and Future Plans

5 Dec 2023
3 min read

Strategic Launch and Growth of $PAW Token

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, PAW Swap has distinguished itself with the strategic launch of the $PAW token on January 16, 2023, on the Ethereum mainnet. Emphasizing integrity, trust, and transparency, the PAW Swap team chose a stealth launch approach without a public announcement. This strategy not only aligned with our highest standards but also set the foundation for the robust Pawchain ecosystem.

Building a One-Token Ecosystem

The core of our ecosystem is the $PAW token, operating with 0% tax and a deflationary nature. With a fixed supply, and utilities aimed at reducing this supply over the long term, $PAW is designed to maintain and increase its intrinsic value.

Token Distribution and Security Measures

From a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens, 350 trillion were securely locked in Team Finance, earmarked for ecosystem development and rewarding our holders. The remaining 650 trillion tokens were allocated for liquidity provisioning, underpinning the stability and growth of $PAW.

To ensure the highest security standards and to prevent potential risks, significant portions of tokens were locked in secure smart contracts:

Furthermore, we established a liquidity pool using 650 trillion $PAW and 3 ETH. The creation of this pool generated Liquidity Provider tokens, which were then transferred to a dead wallet to ensure the immutability of the liquidity pair, reinforcing our commitment against potential rug pulls.

Validation and Transparency

Our dedication to transparency can be seen through various Etherscan links, validating the distribution and secure handling of the $PAW tokens. These include:

Current Holdings and Future Outlook

As of December 5, 2023, significant holdings of PAW include locked assets in Team Finance and various staking contracts, showcasing our commitment to a secure and sustainable ecosystem. Here are some key holdings:

Additionally, our approach to burning tokens, ensuring a deflationary nature of $PAW, can be verified through these Etherscan links:

PAW Swap's journey is more than just token mechanics; it's about creating a secure, transparent, and efficient ecosystem for our stakeholders. We invite you to join us in this exciting phase as we continue to build and expand our presence in the cryptocurrency world.