PAW's Year in Review: Milestones and Achievements of 2023

December 30 2023
5 min read

The Beginning

On January 16, 2023, we launched $PAW as an ERC-20 token, sparking a transformative wave in the crypto industry. Our vision was to build an ecosystem that is safe, simple, and rewarding for every investor. Prioritizing security, we not only introduced the token with a stealth strategy but also burned the liquidity tokens immediately and allocated 35% of the supply to Time Locked wallets for marketing and developing utilities. This marked the beginning of our journey to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency.

Launching Groundbreaking Utilities

In under a year, our team has launched a range of utilities, all either already audited or slated for audit by CertiK. We dedicated ourselves to developing unique coding for each utility, ensuring they are reliable and secure. Our offerings include:

  • PAW Staking
  • PAW Aggregator
  • PAW Hub
  • PAW Merchant
  • PAW Website
  • PAW Chain Alpha

These tools enable off-chain P2P trading, cross-chain transactions, passive income generation, and active participation in project governance. We've designed these utilities to be intuitive and user-friendly, and we provide comprehensive guides and support to assist our users. For more information or to review our Whitepaper, visit our website at

PAW Chain Ecosystem: Redefining Digital Finance

At PAW Chain, we are at the forefront of blockchain innovation, delivering advanced solutions in digital finance and cryptocurrency. We are redefining the blockchain experience with a blend of state-of-the-art technology and user-centric design.

Significant Market Cap Milestones and Growth

Within just a few months after our inception, the $PAW token experienced a significant upswing, achieving a 10,000% increase and reaching an all-time high market cap of $100M. We believe this is just a preview of the future that lies ahead. The $PAW token has maintained a steady increase of over 500% since its launch, and our holder count has recently exceeded 10,000, continuing to climb.

Expanding Our Global Community and Partnerships

Our team is dedicated to reaching a worldwide audience. Our diverse community reflects the values we set from the beginning, with active members from various countries including France, Germany, Russia, India, the US, and the UK. We have a growing presence on social media, with over 20k followers on our official X account and nearly 3k members on Discord. We host weekly spaces on X to connect with our community and introduce new members to our ecosystem.

Join our socials to engage with us in your preferred language:

Our marketing team is constantly forging new partnerships and has already established several strategic ones. We offer Gold badge partnerships on X and collaborate with industry influencers like CryptoLounge and CryptoEagles. Our token is featured on various exchanges, including Gotbit, StealthEx, Bitget, CetoEx, Bitrue, Gateio, and Dex-Trade. We maintain a close relationship with CertiK to ensure the highest security standards for our products.

The Inspiration Behind the Rebrand

$PAW began as a meme-token but quickly evolved into a significant DeFi player. As we released our innovative utilities, we realized our brand needed to reflect our growing stature. We transitioned from a simple meme aesthetic to a modern, dark, sleek, and sophisticated brand identity, symbolizing our reliability, maturity, and professionalism. This rebranding is a key milestone in our journey within the DeFi space.

‍Security Rundown

As our project grows, we remain unwavering in our commitment to security. Our unique coding approach and thorough diligence have earned us a 92.29 audit score from CertiK, placing us comfortably within the top 30 projects on the CertiK Leaderboard. We have also achieved the Silver KYC badge from CertiK and are working towards the Gold badge.