Legal Statement

PAW Chain Legal Statement

PAW Chain and all associated technologies are decentralized and permissionless, with no single central authority.

PAW is unable to restrict anyone from engaging with our technologies; this is due to the decentralized nature of our ecosystem, which lacks blacklist functions.

PAW is not liable or responsible for any user actions performed using our technology. This includes the use of our technology and products through third parties.

User Responsibilities

You are solely responsible for keeping your private keys, passwords, and devices secure. You are entirely responsible for any harm, damage, or loss of funds caused by disclosing your private keys, passwords, or other credentials, or by allowing others to access your devices. You acknowledge that PAW cannot resolve issues that arise from these incidents.

By using our technology, you acknowledge that any action performed using any of our products is undertaken at your own risk. You accept all associated risks, including technology and market risks.

You are responsible for ensuring your activities within our ecosystem comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules enforced by your region. Please visit your government's website to ensure you are acting in accordance with laws when engaging in activities with our products.

You will conduct your own research and thorough due diligence before using our technology and interacting with any third-party token, coin, or product deployed on or partnered with our chain and technology. You will stay informed about development updates and security alerts through our official channels only.

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