Terms of Service

PAW Swap Terms of Service

Peer-to-peer Ethereum-based token exchange is made easier with PAW Swap.

The main goal of the website is to give users access to and use of the PAW Swap software

products. It also offers resources and information, such as other related services that fall under

the definition of "Services," among other things.

A fee, such as "gas" charges on the Ethereum network, may be required for the computational

resources needed to complete a transaction on a specific Distributed Ledger Technology (such

payments and fees, "Charges"). Certain services offered by us or other PAW Swap participants

require payment or otherwise involve the use of an underlying Blockchain or other decentralized or permissioned infrastructure (the "Distributed Ledger Technology").

You understand and agree that PawSwap has no control over any transactions made using

Distributed Ledger Technology, over how any applicable Charges are paid, or over any actual

payments made in relation to any applicable Charges. Therefore, before beginning any

transaction on the PAW Swap or the Distributed Ledger Technology, you must make sure that

you have enough of the relevant Distributed Ledger Technology network tokens stored at your

wallet address (the "Distributed Ledger Technology Address").

Prior to accessing or using the Services or the Site, you agree to: (i) use the Services and the

Site only for legal purposes and in accordance with these Terms; (ii) maintain the security and

confidentiality of access to your Distributed Ledger Technology Address; (iv) agree (A) that no

Protected Party (defined below) will be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any

interactions you have with other users of the Site, Services, or the PAW Swap, including any loss

of the tokens issued by PAW Swap in the future or any other tokens or other unit of value; and

(B) if there is a dispute between you and any other site or other user, no Protected Party will be

under any obligation to become involved.

In order for you to be able to access or use the Site or the Services, you must agree to not: (i)

violate any applicable laws; this includes, but is not limited to, applicable laws against money

laundering, anti-terrorist financing, and privacy; (ii) export, re-export, or transfer any PAW Swap

technology in violation of applicable export laws or regulations; or (iii) engage in any of the

activities that are prohibited under these Terms.


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