PAW Virtual Cards


What are PAW Virtual Cards?

PAW virtual cards are a convenient and innovative way for crypto users to utilize their digital assets for everyday transactions. These cards, powered by Zypto, allow users to convert their $PAW or other selected cryptocurrencies into prepaid virtual cards. These cards can be used online wherever major credit/debit cards are accepted, offering a seamless bridge between the world of cryptocurrencies and traditional purchasing methods.

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Your guide to mastering PAW virtual card transactions, one question at a time.


Our virtual prepaid Visa/Mastercards can be used to pay via Google/Apple Pay or online.


No KYC or registration is required to secure your PAW Virtual Card. We only require an email address to send your card details.


PAW Virtual Cards can be added to Mobile Wallets for ease of use when paying contactless in-store or online.


Frequently asked questions

Provided by Zypto Pay

What are the fees?
The fees for using PAW to load balance onto these prepaid virtual cards are:

- $6 card creation + 4.5% load fee
- Foreign exchange fees may apply if purchases are made in a currency other than the card’s native currency.
Do I have to sign up to buy prepaid cards?
No registration or KYC is required within certain legal limits.
What is the refund policy for the virtual prepaid cards?
Merchant refunds are allowed and processed back on the card balance.

No refund can be issued for a virtual prepaid card acquisition, as the only way to empty the card is through usage. Make sure that you have selected the right card for your country location.

Zypto Pay & PAW will not be held responsible if the card cannot be added to your particular device in your particular location, nor can we guarantee these cards will be accepted by any particular merchant or payment processor.
VPN Common Issue : ‘’Oops. There’s an error on our end. Please try again later."
If you use a VPN, the issuing card’s platform will most likely prevent you from claiming your card.Please disable or alternate your VPN settings to be able to claim it.

This is to prevent card usage in prohibited countries.
How do I use my card?
Your card can be used to make online purchases, like you would use a credit card, as long as the amount authorized for the transaction does not exceed the available balance + FX fee if applicable in case your transaction currency is not USD. There is no billing address associated with this card. You may use your own address when shopping online.
Can USA only Cards work in other countries ?
USA Cards though higher in value can be redeemed and used only within USA.
Where do i check the list of supported countries?
For USD Global mastercard cards – Please click here for the list of prohibited countries.

For Euro cards – Please click here for the list of approved countries.

For USA-only VISA – USA Only
Which cryptocurrencies do you support?
With Zypto/PAW, you can pay for your everyday things with the following cryptocurrencies: PAW, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, USDT, XRP and many others.
Why haven't I received my card details by email?
It is often the case that you simply have to wait a few minutes.

However, there are some other common causes:

1) Check your spam folder.
Other than simply waiting a bit longer, the most common solution to support requests is to check in your Spam, Promotions or Newsletters folder.

2) Typo in the supplied email address.
If you have written the email address incorrectly, the email cannot be delivered. You will need to submit a ticket in order for us to check.

3) You have unsubscribed from our emails.
In order to conform with anti-spam rules, it is possible to unsubscribe from all emails from FCF Pay. If you do this, you will not receive emails from the card issuing/refill system either. Contact us for assistance.

4) The order was underpaid.

Please check your payment link again in the email.
Do these cards work everywhere?
These prepaid virtual debit cards do NOT have 3D Secure (like 2FA for card transactions) and, therefore, they will not be usable if the merchant/platform requires 3DS.

Visa, Mastercard or the issuing banks may choose to restrict their services in specific countries, regions or even for specific merchants. This is entirely at their discretion.

Merchants and PSPs may choose to not accept prepaid virtual debit cards. This is out of our control and is covered by our terms and conditions.
How to add my card to Mobile Wallets?
The description of each card type will include instructions on how to add them to mobile wallets, when applicable. Instructions will also be either in the email you receive or on the website from which you redeem your card.
How do I contact you for support?
Please visit for direct Zypto support. Alternatively, please visit this page to contact the PAW team, or open a ticket in our Discord server, and we'll help to solve the issue with Zypto directly.