How does it work?

PAW, in partnership with Donorship, introduces a widget enabling seamless crypto donations to 2000+ charities via our website. This collaboration allows $PAW holders to support causes they care about, while PAW leverages the widget to enhance user experience and partake in an on-chain affiliate program, driving digital philanthropy and revenue generation.

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Donorship's FAQ Hub

Your compass for navigating Donorship donations: answering your queries, step by charitable step.

Tax Efficiency

Maximize your giving with Donorship—get tax receipts for deductions and make philanthropy beneficial at tax time.

Security & Trust

Donorship, powered by The Giving Block, ensures secure, compliant crypto donations to your chosen causes.


With Donorship's auto-updates, your platform stays effortlessly current, letting you focus on impact, not upkeep.


Frequently asked questions

Provided by Donorship

What is Donorship?
Donorship is a widget that facilitates cryptocurrency donations to a wide range of charitable organizations. Integrated into platforms like PAW, it allows users to donate different cryptocurrencies and obtain tax receipts easily.
How can I donate using Donorship?
Donating is easy and can be done right here on this page. Simply scroll to the Donorship widget, select your preferred charity, and enter the amount you wish to donate. If you require a tax receipt, be sure to provide your email address.
Which cryptocurrencies can I donate?
Currently, donations are accepted in Ethereum, PAW, and many more, with plans to expand to other cryptocurrencies in the future. A full list of accepted tokens is available on the widget.
Can I receive a tax receipt for my donation?
Yes, in partnership with The Giving Block, Donorship provides tax receipts for donations. Just tick the option for a tax receipt and provide your email address during the donation process.

Tax receipts are typically processed within 24 hours of your donation.
Is my donation secure?
Absolutely. Donorship's partnership with The Giving Block ensures that all donations are processed securely, adhering to the highest standards of compliance and efficiency.
Will I be updated about new features or changes?
Yes, the Donorship widget updates automatically. Any enhancements or bug fixes are applied seamlessly, without any action required on your part.
Are there any fees associated with donating?
Donorship applies a transparent fee structure to process donations through its widget. Details of these fees are visible on the blockchain, promoting transparency and accountability.
How does Donorship support platform owners?
Platform owners can generate revenue through Donorship's on-chain affiliate program, earning a percentage from every donation made via their platform.
How does Donorship ensure compliance with tax laws?
Donorship, through its partnership with The Giving Block, adheres strictly to regulatory requirements, ensuring that all donations are fully compliant with tax laws.
Can I choose which charity to donate to?
Yes, you can select from over 2,000 charitable organizations listed in the Donorship widget to direct your donation to the causes you care about most.
What happens if I encounter issues with my donation?
Donorship's dedicated support team is available to assist you with any problems or questions you may have about your donation. You can reach out through the contact form on their website, or via their
Telegram channel.
How can I ensure that my chosen charity receives my donation?
Donorship's transparent process allows you to track your donation on the blockchain, ensuring it reaches your chosen charity.