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Empowerment Through Voting

PAW DAO places decision-making power directly in the hands of the community. Token holders can propose, vote on, and implement changes to the protocol, ensuring that the direction of PAW Chain is guided by collective consensus and democratic principles.

Transparent and Trustless

Transparency is at the core of PAW DAO. All proposals and voting results are recorded on the blockchain, providing a trustless environment where actions and outcomes are verifiable by anyone, anywhere—fostering trust and openness in PAW Chain's governance model.

Incentivizing Participation

Active participation in PAW DAO is incentivized. Contributors who actively engage in the governance process are rewarded, encouraging a vibrant and proactive community. This not only maintains the health of the ecosystem but also aligns the interests of individual members with the long-term success of PAW Chain.
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$PAW Token in Action

Since the launch of our $PAW token, we've been thrilled to witness its adoption. Our community isn't just holding a token; they're holding a vision of what PAW Chain can become. Together, we're more than just a cryptocurrency — we're a movement.

Elevating Our DAO Governance

As we progress, we're excited to introduce Minor and Major Proposals. With the $PAW token at the helm, this phase is about enabling a hands-on approach to decision-making, driving meaningful changes to the PAW Chain ecosystem.

Stepping Towards Full Decentralization

Now, we embark on a pivotal journey, rolling out functionalities that embed true decentralization. This phase accentuates our commitment to putting the control, the tools, and the power directly into the hands of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common queries about PawChain's current status and roadmap.

What layers will PawChain operate on?

At the moment, PawChain is in its developmental stages with plans to function across Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3. This approach is to ensure a scalable, efficient, and interconnected platform for users.

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How does PawChain handle transaction speeds?

While still under development, PawChain is being designed with the goal of high-speed transactions, ensuring an efficient and streamlined user experience when it fully launches.

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Are there any plans for future tech upgrades to PawChain?

Absolutely! As we move forward, our roadmap is dotted with numerous technological enhancements and innovations tailored for PawChain. This includes exploring advanced consensus algorithms and more.

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How does burning work on PawChain transactions?

Our plans include a specific burn mechanism, where a certain percentage of transactions on PawChain will be burned. This is aimed at token deflation and potentially adding value to the ecosystem.

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Which blockchains can connect with PawChain?

Upon its completion, PawChain aims to offer support for all trusted and audited blockchains, enhancing its interoperability and inclusiveness.

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How does PawChain interlink with other PAW technology?

PawChain is the backbone for all PAW utilities. Transactions from other tools will run through PawChain, ensuring efficient, secure processing and a unified ecosystem experience.

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Will I be able to use PawChain's POS with other platforms?

While still in its planning phase, the objective for PawChain's POS system is wide-reaching compatibility, catering to diverse platforms and use cases.

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Will the payment cards be compatible with all regions?

Our vision for the payment cards is global utility. However, while in the planning stages, we'll be evaluating regional specifics and restrictions to ensure broad reach.

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What security audits has PawChain undergone?

Yes, even in its current phase, PawChain has been scrutinized by CertiK, emphasizing our commitment to security from the very beginning.

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How does PawChain ensure true decentralization?

Beyond our Certik audit, PawChain utilizes rigorous DeFi framework protocols. Furthermore, our community-driven DAO plays an essential role in steering the project's direction, ensuring collective oversight and maintaining integrity.

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Are there any additional security protocols in place?

Beyond the inherent security measures of blockchain, we're researching and considering advanced security protocols, ensuring robust protection against potential vulnerabilities.

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What measures are in place against possible hacks?

We're committed to user safety. This involves implementing top-tier encryption, real-time monitoring tools, and continuous audits to deter and swiftly identify any unauthorized activities.

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