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Our Guidelines

Brand with PAW Precision

Aligning Brands

Incorporate the PAW Chain brand alongside yours with thoughtful balance. Keep in mind:

  • Our brand should complement, not commandeer, your brand's presence.

  • Implications of endorsement or partnership with PAW Chain should be clear and authorized.

  • Position our brand positively, avoiding any association with adverse scenarios or narratives.

Consistency in Our Name Usage

Here's a few tips on how:

  • Always preface utility names with "PAW" followed by a space to maintain brand unity (e.g., "PAW Swap")

  • Ensure "PAW" retains capitalization across all contexts to emphasize our brand's presence.

  • Do not alter the sequence or formatting of our utility names, nor translate them into other languages with non-standard characters.

  • When abbreviating, ensure that "PAW" remains an integral and unaltered part of the acronym, following an initial full mention of the service.

Logo Care and Usage

Our logo is a symbol of our innovation; please treat it with care:

  • Surround it with space to ensure it stands out; a margin of half the logo's width is recommended.

  • Keep the logo's colors authentic; they're designed to complement a range of palettes.

  • Ensure legibility by avoiding sizes that diminish its visibility.

  • Let our logo support your message without becoming the focal point.

Creative Application of Our Brand

When integrating PAW Chain's branding into your materials, creativity should be balanced with brand integrity:

  • Deploy our brand assets in innovative ways that resonate with our forward-thinking DeFi ethos.

  • Our visual elements should be used to enhance the story of decentralization and financial empowerment.

  • Respect the original design of our assets; their innovative spirit is captured in their form and function.

  • Position PAW Chain's brand to complement the narrative of technological advancement and user empowerment.

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