PAW Merchant

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Shop Seamlessly

Immediate Crypto Checkout

Prepare to transform your mobile commerce with PAW Merchant. While our P2P wallet is currently facilitating direct and live transactions, we are working towards enabling you to directly purchase goods with PAW tokens from your phone. A smoother shopping journey is on the horizon.

Creative Commerce Coming

NFT Marketplace

While today you can leverage our P2P wallet for live transactions, we're crafting the future canvas of creativity. PAW Merchant's NFT Marketplace, currently in development, will soon offer a unique platform for digital artists and collectors to buy, sell, and trade with ease.

Payment Harmonization

Integrating Your Transactions

Anticipate a future where payment cards and digital wallets coalesce. We're aiming to bring PAW POS and Payment Cards into a single seamless service. Our vision includes a system where making payments is as intuitive and straightforward as using your phone.

Your Wallet, Upgraded

P2P Wallet

While the P2P wallet is your current gateway to instant, gasless transactions, our ambition extends much further. We're developing a digital vault that not only secures your assets but also provides a foundation for a broader range of services, including a marketplace for real-world assets.

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