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Cross Stitching

Cross Stitching

PAW Chain utilizes a unique cross-stitching methodology to implement a three-step redundant failure prevention system, ensuring the accuracy of blockchain data.

All validators within the chain are divided into three sub-levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Before each block is submitted, the block data undergoes verification by two out of three levels of validators to ensure the accuracy of the pre-block data.

During block submission, two additional validators from these levels are randomly selected to verify the accuracy of the submitted data. This selection process ensures that the validators involved in submitting the block are different from those verifying its accuracy. In each block, three validators are involved in proposing, submitting, and confirming the block. Only one of these validators from the current block is used for pre-block and post-block confirmation, with the others selected from the previous block's set of validators.

Thus, in each block, two validators participate in the pre-block accuracy check for the next block, two validators participate in the post-block accuracy check for the previous block, and all three validators participate in updating the current block.

This cross-selection method for block accuracy checks involves a total of five validators for each block, ensuring that at least three validators coordinate directly with the blockchain data. Additionally, each block is confirmed twice, preventing malicious validator nodes from influencing the blockchain as corrections are consistently applied.

Validators are randomly chosen for each role, further enhancing network security. The nine-cross-continuing structure provides a safety factor of three, even when the network operates with the minimum required nodes.