PAW Documentation


Introduction to PAW Wallet

Terms and Conditions of the PAW Wallet's Use
Please take the time to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the PAW Wallet's use. By placing a tick in the box marked "I agree to PAW Wallet's terms of use," you are affirming that you have reviewed, comprehended, and consented to abide by all the stated terms. Following this, if you are already registered with us and possess an existing account, you should opt for the "Recover PAW Wallet" option to regain access to your wallet.

If you are joining us for the first time and do not yet have an account, please select the "Create a new PAW Wallet" button. This action will initiate the process of setting up a new wallet, allowing you to securely connect and start managing your digital assets. It is crucial that each step is followed attentively to ensure that your interactions with PAW Wallet are secure and in compliance with our guidelines.

Your PAW Wallet balance is prominently displayed in the center of the page, providing easy access to view your current funds at a glance. Just above your balance, you will find your wallet address, conveniently placed for easy copying whenever you need to share it or make a transaction.

Your individual token holdings are shown at the bottom of the page, allowing you to see a comprehensive overview of all your assets. Additionally, if you would like to switch between different blockchain networks, you can do so by clicking on the top left corner of the page where the network selection option is located.

For those curious about what these networks entail or if you require more detailed information, there is a link labeled "What is a network?" that you can click for an in-depth explanation. This setup ensures that managing your digital assets and navigating through the PAW Wallet interface is straightforward and user-friendly.

Wallet Settings

From this section, users have the ability to update their passwords and rename their wallets, allowing for enhanced security and personalization of their accounts.

The introduction of personalized .paw usernames in PAW Wallet marks a significant step towards improving user accessibility and interaction within the PAW Chain ecosystem. By offering a simple, memorable, and user-friendly alternative to traditional wallet addresses, PAW Wallet enhances the overall experience for its users. Whether for personal use or establishing a brand identity, the .paw usernames provide a valuable and versatile tool for all members of the PAW Chain community.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Personalized Usernames: Customization: Users can create unique usernames ending with the .paw extension (e.g., john.paw), making their wallet address easily recognizable and shareable.
  • Brand Identity: Individuals and businesses can establish a brand identity within the PAW Chain ecosystem by registering their desired .paw usernames.
  • Simplified Transactions: Ease of Use: Instead of dealing with long and complex wallet addresses, users can send and receive tokens using simple .paw usernames, reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Improved Accessibility: The .paw usernames make it easier for users, especially those new to blockchain technology, to interact with the PAW Chain network.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Memorability: Personalized usernames are easier to remember compared to traditional alphanumeric addresses, improving the overall user experience.
  • Social Connectivity: Users can quickly find and connect with friends, family, or business contacts using .paw usernames.

Registration and Management

  • Username Registration: Availability Check: Users can check the availability of their desired .paw username within the PAW Wallet application.
  • Registration Process: Once a username is available, users can register it by completing a straightforward process, which may involve a small fee payable in PAW Chain tokens.
  • Linking to Wallet Address: Mapping: Each .paw username is mapped to the user's wallet address, ensuring that transactions sent to the username are correctly routed to the associated wallet.
  • Updating Mappings: Users can update the wallet address linked to their .paw username if needed, providing flexibility and control over their identity.

Security and Ownership

  • Ownership Proof: Registered .paw usernames are stored on the blockchain, providing verifiable proof of ownership.
  • Transferability: Users can transfer ownership of their .paw username to another party, facilitating transactions and exchanges within the community.

Integration with PAW Chain Ecosystem

The .paw usernames are fully compatible with all services and applications within the PAW Chain network, ensuring seamless integration and consistent user experience.

Third-Party Support: Developers and third-party applications can leverage the .paw username system to enhance their services, providing users with more ways to utilize their personalized identifiers.

Multisig Wallet

The multisig feature in PAW Wallet offers a sophisticated solution for managing digital assets with enhanced security and collaborative control. By requiring the involvement of 5 to 9 participants, PAW Wallet ensures that high-value transactions are safeguarded against unauthorized access and single points of failure. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations, businesses, and collaborative projects that require shared management and joint decision-making. Through its flexible configuration and robust approval processes, the multisig feature in PAW Wallet empowers users by allowing greater security, accountability, and control over their digital assets.

Setting Up a Multisig Wallet

Initial Setup: Selection of Participants: To convert a standard wallet to a multisig wallet, the user must select between 5 to 9 trusted individuals who will act as signatories.

  • Configuration: The user configures the wallet, specifying the total number of signatories and the minimum number of approvals required for a transaction to be executed (e.g., 3 out of 5, 5 out of 7).
  • Creation Process: Invitation to Signatories: The selected participants are invited to join the multisig wallet. Each participant must accept the invitation and link their wallet address.
  • Confirmation: Once all participants have joined, the multisig wallet is activated and ready for use.

Transaction Approval Process

Initiating a Transaction: Proposal: Any signatory can propose a transaction by specifying the details of the transaction, including the amount, recipient, and purpose.

  • Notification: All signatories are notified of the proposed transaction and can review the details.
  • Approval and Execution: Approval Process: The required number of signatories must approve the transaction. Each signatory reviews and signs off on the transaction within the PAW Wallet application.
  • Threshold Achievement: Once the necessary threshold of approvals is reached (e.g., 4 out of 5), the transaction is executed on the PAW Chain network.
  • Rejection and Revision: If the transaction does not receive the required approvals, it can be revised and resubmitted or rejected entirely.

Flexibility and Control

  • Changing Signatories: Addition/Removal: Signatories can be added or removed as needed, allowing for flexible management of the multisig wallet. Changes must be approved by the existing signatories.
  • Updating Approval Threshold: The number of required approvals can be adjusted to reflect the current needs and security preferences of the group.

Emergency Protocols

Backup Procedures: In case a signatory becomes unavailable, the wallet can implement backup procedures to ensure continuous operation and control over the funds.