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Wallet Settings

Wallet Settings

From this section, users have the ability to update their passwords and rename their wallets, allowing for enhanced security and personalization of their accounts.

The introduction of personalized .paw usernames in PAW Wallet marks a significant step towards improving user accessibility and interaction within the PAW Chain ecosystem. By offering a simple, memorable, and user-friendly alternative to traditional wallet addresses, PAW Wallet enhances the overall experience for its users. Whether for personal use or to establish a brand identity, the .paw usernames provide a valuable and versatile tool for all members of the PAW Chain community.

PAW Wallet offers an innovative feature allowing users to set personalized usernames with the .paw extension, similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This enhancement simplifies transaction processes and enhances user experience by providing a memorable and human-readable alternative to complex wallet addresses.

Key Features and Benefits

Personalized Usernames:

  • Customization: Users can create unique usernames ending with the .paw extension (e.g., john.paw), making their wallet address easily recognizable and shareable.
  • Brand Identity: Individuals and businesses can establish a brand identity within the PAW Chain ecosystem by registering their desired .paw usernames.

Simplified Transactions:

  • Ease of Use: Instead of dealing with long and complex wallet addresses, users can send and receive tokens using simple .paw usernames, reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Improved Accessibility: The .paw usernames provide an easier solution for users, especially those new to blockchain technology, to interact with the PAW Chain network.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Memorability: Personalized usernames are easier to remember compared to traditional alphanumeric addresses, improving the overall user experience.
  • Social Connectivity: Users can quickly find and connect with friends, family, or business contacts using .paw usernames.

Registration and Management

Username Registration:

  • Availability Check: Users can check the availability of their desired .paw username within the PAW Wallet application.
  • Registration Process: Once a username is available, users can register it by completing a straightforward process, which may involve a small fee payable in PAW Chain tokens.
  • Fee: Usernames can consist of as few as three (3) letters or six (6) and higher. The fee, paid in PAW, associated with username reservation is as followed:
    • Three (3) letters = ~$100/USD
    • Four (4) - Five (5) letters = ~$50/USD
    • Six (6) and higher = ~$25/USD
  • Username Renewal: Usernames will require renewal every one (1) year after initial purchase. We are developing a secondary market to enable the multi-year purchase of Usernames and the ability to sell/transfer purchased Usernames.

Linking to Wallet Address:

  • Mapping: Each .paw username is mapped to the user's wallet address, ensuring transactions sent to the username are correctly routed to the associated wallet.
  • Updating Mappings: Users can update the wallet address linked to their .paw username if needed, providing flexibility and control over their identity.

Security and Ownership:

  • Ownership Proof: Registered .paw usernames are stored on the blockchain, providing verifiable proof of ownership.
  • Transferability: Users can transfer ownership of their .paw username to another party, facilitating transactions and exchanges within the community.

Integration with PAW Chain Ecosystem

  • Compatibility: The .paw usernames are fully compatible with all services and applications within the PAW Chain network, ensuring seamless integration and consistent user experience.
  • Third-Party Support: Developers and third-party applications can leverage the .paw username system to enhance their services, providing users additional ways to utilize their personalized identifiers.