PAW Documentation


The Swap Process on PAW Swap

The process begins when a user originates on the Ethereum chain and goes to PAW Swap aiming to swap for PAW while the liquidity is on PAW Chain. Here's how it works:

  • ETH is sent to PAW Chain bridge contract on the Ethereum main net.
  • The PAW Chain L3 listening nodes see the transaction arrive and update the balance on the L3 ledger.
  • The transaction is then forwarded through the ETH > PAW L2 and rolled up with other transactions onto the PAW Chain L1.
  • On the PAW Chain L1, the ETH is swapped to PAW using the liquidity pool, and PAW is then sent to the PAW Chain bridge contract on PAW Chain.
  • The balance of the PAW is updated on the L3 ledger, and then unlocked on the Ethereum chain bridge contract.
  • Finally, the PAW is sent from the bridge contract on Ethereum to the original buyer's wallet.

Bridge Functionality

The bridge serves as a crucial component in the swap process, enabling the transfer of assets between different blockchains seamlessly, functioning via the bridge contracts on both the originating and target chains.