PAW Documentation



The goal of connecting different blockchains and PAW is to allow users access to assets and services on various networks. This enhances PAW's utility by linking it to multiple blockchains, providing users with more options. By facilitating easy movement and interaction across multiple platforms, PAW enables users to engage with a wide range of assets and services without being confined to a single network. This improves user experience and encourages broader adoption of blockchain technology.

Owner Function

Controlled by an extensive multisig with 9 signatories, all KYC-verified by CertiK. The bridge on each chain will be controlled by a multisig wallet.

Authorized Function

This function is managed by our extensive set of validators. The authorized function wallet is only saved in the server environment variable for the bridge, secured by the server's security. In the upcoming version, we are working on a separate application to handle the bridging, which will not save the authorized controller anywhere.

Security Measures

As part of our ongoing commitment to security during the Beta phase on the L3 mainnet, the PAW Bridge incorporates a bridge-out delay. This delay applies to basic transactions exiting PAW Chain to other networks. It serves as a security failsafe, giving us an additional layer of protection to safeguard user funds against potential threats. Bridge-out ensures that each transaction is thoroughly validated and enhances the overall security of the platform while we remain in Beta.