PAW Documentation

Tri-layer Architecture

Key Features

PAW Chain is an innovative blockchain architecture designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of blockchain systems by integrating robust on-chain processes with efficient off-chain mechanisms. The architecture aims to address the common challenges of scalability, speed, and flexibility faced by traditional blockchain solutions.

PAW Chain

  • Stake: Links to DAO through a GETH Based Layer Contract Deployment.
  • Web 3: Connects to the Paw Faucet through the web interface.
  • Internal Server-side Communication Layer: Facilitates internal server communications to enhance functionality and speed.
  • Custom Chain for Every Transactions: Supports custom blockchains for specific transactions to optimize performance and scalability.

Applications linked to this architecture include PAW Bridge, PAW Scan, PAW Wallet, PAW Swap, and Validator Dashboard which facilitate various operations within the PAW ecosystem.

PAW Chain's Tri-layer Architecture Offers Several Advantages Over Conventional Blockchain Systems:

  • Scalability: By offloading high-frequency transactions to Layer 3, PAW Chain can handle a larger volume of transactions without compromising performance.
  • Speed: The separation of layers allows for faster transaction processing and reduced latency, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Flexibility: The modular design of the tri-layer architecture provides the flexibility to integrate with various off-chain processes, making it adaptable to different use cases.

In summary, PAW Chain represents a significant advancement in blockchain technology, combining the strengths of traditional blockchain systems with innovative off-chain solutions to deliver a scalable, fast, and flexible platform for the future.