How PAW Chain’s Aggregator Simplifies Your Crypto Experience

Jun 1 2023
3 min read

PAW Chain is committed to providing the best outcome for our community when investing in crypto. To that end, the PAW Chain team has built an innovative, custom aggregator solution to ensure investors can get the most out of their financial investment. The PAW Aggregator also aims to reduce the amount of total effort a user would traditionally spend cross referencing various buying locations in search of the best overall value (purchase price + gas fee).

What is an Aggregator?

A crypto aggregator is an application that collects and brings together trade data from various Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms into a single location. This simplifies and enhances the user experience by allowing the best price to be found from a single source rather than having to check multiple locations individually.

To be a bit more specific, the PAW Aggregator will seek out the very best prices from Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), lending services, liquidity pools, and other third-party protocols to ensure the lowest price is made available for the end user, thus optimizing the user’s trades. To ensure the greatest possible rates for all valid token pairs, both direct and multihop transactions will be routed through the PAW Aggregator in real-time. This aggregation happens in the background and does not incur additional fees or require additional steps by the end user.

What are the goals of the aggregator?

There is one primary goal of the PAW Aggregator; Simplicity — Your traditional aggregator locates liquidity pools and combines them to find the best option. However, with the growing number of aggregators out there, we’ve realized there’s more we can do to always ensure the best possible outcomes for our users.

What makes the PAW Aggregator different?

The PAW Aggregator doesn’t merely employ its own mechanisms to consolidate various liquidity pools to provide the best options; the PAW Aggregator does this and also seeks out other aggregators and unifies their capabilities as well. Think of it as a compounding aggregator, an aggregator of aggregators if you will.

This differentiator enables the PAW Aggregator to conduct algorithmic search sequences based on the complexity of the chain, the number of DeFi platforms available on that chain, and integration of existing aggregator’s datasets to maximize value for you.

Aggregator fees

Upon launch, and for the first week, the PAW Aggregator will have no aggregation fees. It’s important to note that this is not the same as eliminating or reducing gas fee, which is currently outside of our control. With regards to PAW Aggregator fees beyond launch, we will be introducing a DAO proposal on a new fee structure, which we feel will be extremely beneficial for long-term growth, stability, and overall reduction of the $PAW token total supply.

Future plans

All utilities and products developed by PAW Chain contains common pieces of DNA. These common pieces of DNA include third-party security audits (either in progress or to be submitted) and cross-chain scalability. In as such, we intend for the PAWAggregator to increase usage across a growing number of chains. This means we will start incorporating additional chains and allow cross-chain aggregation at scale!


As noted in our Alpha Phase blog post, this utility is being released as a feedback phase on main-net. As such, we anticipate the presence of errors or bugs that may affect certain functionalities. Please note this utility utilizes real crypto to perform actions so be very cautious when performing transactions.