PAW Chain Beta Launch Kicks Off the Multi-Chain Future

22 Feb 2024
5 min read

Phase 1 PAWCHAIN Beta Launch

We are glad to finally be able to announce the phase 1 of our beta test net is live.

The beta test net comprises:

Layer 1: The Geth-Based Blockchain

Overview: Layer 1 of PAW Chain is grounded on the Geth chain, an implementation of the Ethereum protocol. This layer forms the core of our architecture, maintaining an immutable ledger of transactions and facilitating the execution of smart contracts within a decentralized framework. Using Geth as the base layer guarantees full compatibility with all EVM Contracts. 

Key Characteristics
  • Consensus Mechanism: Utilizes Ethereum's Proof of Stake (PoS), enhanced with a customized Proof of Authority (PoA) overflow Stack.
  • Smart Contracts: Supports the deployment and execution of smart contracts, enabling automated, programmable transactions, and the development of decentralized applications (dApps).

  • Ethereum Compatibility: Ensures seamless compatibility with Ethereum's ecosystem, allowing straightforward integration with existing dApps, tools, and protocols.

Connecting to our L1:

  • Chain name: PAWCHAIN
  • RPC:
  • Chain ID: 867
  • Currency Symbol: PAW
  • Scanner url:
  • Faucet url:

Important: ensure you have created a completely fresh wallet within MetaMask. Do not use real funds to test this network; they will be lost. 

Layer 2: Internal Server-Side Communication Layer

Overview: Operating behind the scenes, Layer 2 acts as the infrastructure backbone, employing a consensus mechanism that unites all PAW Chains services transparently. It functions as the conduit between Layer 1 and Layer 3, streamlining data transfer and transaction processing without sacrificing security of decentralization.

Key Characteristics:
  • Data Processing: Aggregates and preprocesses data from Layers 1 and 3, ensuring efficient transaction handling and optimization.

  • Transaction Optimization: Implements strategies such as transaction batching and off-chain computation to enhance throughput and reduce latency on the main blockchain.

  • Security Protocols: Enforces rigorous security measures to protect data integrity and confidentiality during the transfer between blockchain layers.

Layer 3: Off-Chain Ledger Layer

Overview: Layer 3 introduces a significant innovation within the PAW Chain architecture, functioning as an off-chain ledger. This layer is engineered to process a large volume of transactions efficiently and cost-effectively, thus alleviating the load on the primary blockchain (Layer 1) and significantly enhancing the network's scalability.

Key Characteristics:
  • Scalability and Throughput: Provides a scalable solution capacity to process a high number of transactions swiftly and efficiently, outpacing transitional on-chain methods.

  • Interoperability: Seamlessly integrates with both Layer 1 and Layer 2, ensuring fluid transactions across the entire PAW Chain ecosystem.

  • Security Measures: Maintains robust security protocols to safeguard transaction data, maintaining privacy and integrity off-chain.

Connecting to our L3:

First, ensure MetaMask is connected to our Layer 1, and that you have received test tokens from the PAW Faucet. 

Access the Wallet application that allows you to view tokens on our Layer 3 via this link: 

PAW Wallet V1 Beta: The PAW Wallet V1 Beta mirrors the intuitive design of established wallets like MetaMask. Acknowledging that MetaMask and similar wallets do not support connections to non-EVM chains, we’ve tailored our own dApp solution. This new development caters specifically to the unique framework of PAW Chain, ensuring our users have a seamless and integrated experience with our Layer 3, setting the stage for its transformation into a browser extension in phase 2, followed by the launch of a mobile app.

Key characteristics:
  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with our non-EVM Architecture, but also compatible with other EVM chains. 
  • Enhanced Security Measures: V1 Starting with a pin to access the wallet, and future versions to include Multi-Factor Authentication and other security features in testing.
  • Direct Integration with PAW Chain Services: The Layer 3 bridge functions, SWAP and other utilities will be directly integrated into the wallet application.
  • Zero Transaction Fees for Layer 3 to Layer 3 Transfers: Empowers users with the ability to conduct transactions between PAW Layer 3 wallets at no cost. This feature enhances the efficiency and appeal of using PAW Chain for high-volume, inter-layer exchanges.

PAW Bridge V1 Beta:

The PAW Bridge V1 Beta will enable seamless transactions between PAW Chain’s Layer 1 and Layer 3 blockchain, and also Sepolia

Key characteristics
  • Accelerated Transaction Processing: The PAW Bridge V1 Beta facilitates exceptionally fast transactions between our Layer 1 and Layer 3, as well as with the Sepolia network eventually connecting every chain.

  • Extremely Secure bridging: Funds can only be withdrawn from the bridge if funds have been deposited on the other side. 1:1. This rule is enforced by each bridge contract having a multisig in which each validator on the L3 holds a key. When a user initiates a tx which involves a bridge the multiple validators then check the tx coming into the bridge, others confirm it is correct, and then sign the tx on the multisig to allow the withdrawal of the assets. This makes it absolutely impossible for bridge funds to be removed unless multiple validators all confirm that the other side of the bridge has been balanced.  

Note: Release of Phase 1 doesn't come with validator applications. This means withdrawing from the L3 doesn't have validator consensus, and has a time delay of 1h. When the validator applications are added to the beta test-net, the validators will process the transactions as soon as they are requested. 

Custom PAW Scanner V1 Beta:

The PAW Scanner, integral to the PAW Chain ecosystem, functions similarly to other blockchain scanners but with tailored features for the unique needs of the PAW Chain. It is designed to provide real-time insights into transactions, smart contracts, and overall blockchain activity. By leveraging technology similar to Blockscout, the PAW Scanner offers transparency and accessibility to its users, ensuring that transactions and smart contract functionalities are easily verifiable.

Key characteristics:

The Scanner is the first of its kind to combine data streams for two chains (L1 and L3)

  • Smart Contract Verification for Transparency: The verification process of smart contracts with the PAW Scanner not only ensures transparency but also transforms the code into a more user-friendly, human-readable format. This feature empowers users to make informed decisions before engaging with smart contracts on our blockchain, and offers a deeper understanding of the contract’s functionalities and intentions.

  • Real-time transaction scanning: Provides precise scanning of blockchain transactions in real-time, allowing users to track and analyze on-chain activity promptly.

  • Independent verification of transactions: Enables users to validate authenticity and accuracy of each transaction on the network. This feature is crucial for maintaining transparency and trust within the PAW Ecosystem as intended without discrepancies or alterations.

  • Blockscout API usage: For V1 Beta the L1 Transactions are pulled in via the Blockscout API as our current API is still in development. However, blockscout doesn't work for non-EVM chains, so our L3 transactions are pulled in via our own systems. 

Access the test net scanner from